Thanks for checking out PAW Prints Photography! You can probably tell by my portrait that I am an avid lover of animals and the outdoors. A lot of my photography revolves around the two. My passion for art and photography actually began at a young age when I won my first camera in a sales contest for school. I grew up, moved to Austin and graduated from The University Of Texas at Austin in the field of Interior Design. I worked in the field until I decided I wanted to be a "stay at home mom", a choice I have never regretted. I have been blessed in so many ways and my passion for photography returned as the paths my children blazed, and mine, were so intertwined. Fortunately because of my art background, I was able to stay involved in their activities as they grew into wonderful young adults.  Through theatre, sports and all of our love for the outdoors, I have been able to capture countless memories in photos, for our family and a lot of their friends as well.

My love for my family, art and photography has helped me to really focus on all of our passions and activities. I have photographed several theatrical performances that my daughter was involved in as well as years of lacrosse, the action packed sport my son fell in love with, and began shooting outdoor senior portraits the year my daughter was graduating from high school. It is really a joy working with these young adults as they are heading out to a world of their own and filled with so much possibility.

Time goes by so quickly, photographs can help capture the moments so that time doesn't steal them away. If you live in the Greater Austin area, and prefer a casual outdoor setting, I would love to help capture some special moments in your life as well. Hope to meet you soon!